How to Sell Your Clothes Online

How to Sell Your Clothes Online

Maybe you are just cutting out some extra room in your closet or maybe you splurged a little too hard at that sample sale. Regardless, the Ecommerce market is prosperous these days, and there’s more ways than ever to make a bit of extra cash in the name of wardrobe minimalism.

From finding the right marketplace or the best Ecommerce Websites, to creating a clean and inviting listing, here’s some tips on selling clothes online.

Find Your Marketplace

Before you start writing you product description, you should think about where you’re most likely to make to a sale. Some streetwear labels like Palace and Supreme have dedicated members only Facebook groups for reselling.

Wanting to shift some Rick Owens, Junya, Raf, Supreme, and…well, just about any piece of clothing this side of J.Crew? Grailed is a great choice. However, if you are looking to sell some specific products, there is experienced shoppers to be found on StyleForum and Reddit. Deadstock sport team tees? You’ll probably run into more fans on somewhere like eBay.

Describe Your Gear

The product description is very important in order to convince someone to buy your product. This block of text shouldn’t be an essay, but it should include all the necessary information. Essential points to establish include the garment’s sizing (preferably with measurements), shipping info, condition, original tags and the feel of the fabric.

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bucks

This where your listing lives or dies. A good set of product pictures is very crucial that the people over at eBay even made a video about it.

Your photos should give customers a full look at the item. That means you should include a full front shot of the garment, a shot of the tag, and a full back shot. That’s the bare minimum.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Of course, this is going to depend entirely upon the market and how rare you piece is, but your pricing strategy depends on Ecommerce websites you are using. Naturally, the interactions of eBays’s auction style  means that pricing is in flux until literally the last minute. Grailed users have a highball-lowball strategy, where sellers set up high prices for their products and knock them down gradually, as a 10% price drop bumps product to the top of the feed. Facebook and Message boards groups often have strict pricing rules.

End Game

Now, you have written a great product description, you have taken HQ photos of your garment, and you have decided where, when and how much it’s going to cost to ship your listing to the customer. Now you play the waiting game.

Selling clothes online is all about placing your garments and being patient. Unless you have an amazing piece, people are dying to cop (or you’re just incredibly lucky), you’ll be playing a waiting game.

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